The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton’s Original Poem


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty production art (1959)

I love sketches and concept art from animated movies

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“Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose.”Neil Gaiman

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By far my favorite part of my Disney World adventure was visiting Hollywood Studios, and specifically the animation building.   They had all original animation backgrounds on display including some of the most memorable scenes.  It was so fab to get a look up close and to see all the detail!

sorry for the bad glare on some haha

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“A book is the opposite of wine. You keep a bottle of wine until it is old enough to be good, but you keep a book until you are old enough for it to be good.”

Read them just for the tug of a smile you get everytime you recognize a fairy tale…

“Ranna, the Sleeper; takes all those who hear it into slumber.
Mosrael, the Waker; throws the ringer further into death but the listener into life.
Kibeth, the Walker; gives the dead freedom of movement or forces them to walk at the ringer’s will.
Dyrim, the Speaker; grants speech to dumb, tongueless dead, or gives forgotten words their meaning, it can also still a moving tongue
Belgaer, the Thinker; restores independent thought and memory to those who hear it, it can also take it away.
Saraneth, the Binder; shackles the dead to the ringer’s will. Favoured by all Necromancers and Abhorsens.
Astarael, the Weeper, also named Sorrowful; casts all those who hear it (including the ringer) into deep death.”
Sabriel book cover

notanaotasnowcatI think the anime it’s better but the I find the manga art incredible

Thought of You - by Ryan Woodward